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Macscon Financial Services is a boutique management consulting firm that serves a wide array of clients within many specific industries. With locations in Chicago and Nashville, Macscon’s primary core competency lies in the ability to provide corporate level advisory services to clients on key issues related to Strategy, Operations, Financing, Corporate Planning, Business/Brand Development, and Market Placement.

Our main job is to work with small/mid-market firms that seek to inquire financing and operational guidance to help grow their business. Our experience and relationships are used to help our clients build conducive alliances and partnerships with other firms that can aid in the development of their businesses in existing and developing markets. Primarily, we work with private firms seeking funding for quick growth in technology, healthcare, public sector contracting, business services, agribusiness, transportation, logistics, and consumer products. We strive to blend our unique background with our experiences in consulting, government contracting, private equity, grant management, and strategic consulting to provide an incomparable service experience.

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Our Services

Private Equity

Macscon provides the ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of all activities within your organization regardless of the industry. We specialize in financial markets, product manufacturing, product distribution, customer service, marketing, and sales. We engage our strategic alliances which enables your company to determine true net profitability by specific product or even by customer. This information can be leveraged into strategic decisions that improve business performance and profitability, such as pricing strategy or resource allocation.


Our Services

As a boutique firm, Macscon offers tailored and specialized business services designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our individual clients.


In every state, county and city there are government and state operations that need guidance in obtaining the next step to crucial government administration. Macscon knows the methods in acquiring the proper process in the analytical government management effort. Our services can assist in government fundamentals that are crucial in operating a successful and profitable government.


We understand the need to provide a concise and detailed value picture for companies seeking to initiate or engage in private equity or venture fundraising efforts. Through our Pre-Equity (or Pre-Money) valuation studies we can provide a consultative view of the potential forward moving value of companies seeking to raise private capital. While there are no guarantees regarding future value; we are able to analyze the current market picture, implement risk and variables, and provide a strong picture of the value of the company prior to funding and provide a picture as to what the company might look like after a finite period of time.

Our Approach

Our Firm and Your Future

At Macscon Financial, we are excited about our firm and our future in this industry. The successes we have collectively achieved, the reputation we enjoy with our clients, and the people we work drive our success everyday.

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