Our Core Values


At Macscon Financial, we are excited about our firm and our future in this industry, the successes we have collectively achieved, the reputation we enjoy with our clients, and most of all the people that make drive our success everyday.


Our operational focus is driven by our core values and our inherent responsibility to operate within the confines of those values. To do this we focus on:


Our Clients and Our Commitment to Them


First and foremost, we are committed to the success of our clients; we don’t believe we can succeed as a firm without helping our clients achieve the same. We seek to constantly provide advisory services and measurable deliverables that drive value within their businesses, no matter the service we are providing, our goal is the successful integration of our offerings into our client organization for the purpose of assisting them to achieve sustainable success.




Without integrity, we can’t build a sustainable brand, and with that understanding we seek to develop strong and honest relationships with our clients.  We are always going to be honest with our clients; no matter the situation you can depend on us to provide you a clear picture of your organization be it positive or negative.


Respect for the Individual


Within our organization, we believe that each person plays a key role to the success of our company. We aren’t all the same, and we understand that the diversity of our core team coupled with the diversity of our clientele is paramount to our ability to provide a quality service. We understand that conflict is sometimes the basis of a successful project; but we will always provide you the respect that you deserve in manner that is congruent with how we want to be treated.




To succeed in this space we believe it is necessary to operate as a team; we seek to work alongside our clients throughout our engagements in a way that allows everybody to share ideals in a constructive manner.  We see our clients as teammates and we seek to work with those that see us in the same light; by doing this we are able to fully harness the potential of all applicable parties in every service engagement.


Corporate Citizenship


We understand that our position within the market comes with several responsibilities; to be good corporate citizens we strive to providing assistance to a diverse body of organizations that can be of great assistance to our community.  We provide assistance to numerous non-profits and Green organizations because we believe these organizations are necessary to the betterment of society; and as a citizen we believe it is our duty to be a part of this.