Corporate Valuations


The need for business valuations exist for a multitude of reasons; whether it is for estate planning, M&A transactions, funding initiatives, growth and development initiatives, shareholder actions, spin-offs, or exit planning we are able to analyze  ownership interests in privately-held companies and assist in creating a defensible valuation for any of these purposes.  The value, or worth, of an interest in a privately-held company, as opposed to stock in a public company, is usually unknown because there is no active market in which to sell or calculator interest so we seek to analyze market conditions, comparable transactions, and internal infrastructure issues to create a value model that assists in helping our clients achieve their objectives.


In today’s economy valuing a company is a difficult task that requires knowledge and experience.  We provide objective valuations that are realistic and trustworthy based on several methods.  Our services provide valuations within markets that require expertise, such as intangible assets.


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