Helping business leaders turn Plans into Results


Macscon is a comprehensive strategic and management consulting firm located in Chicago, IL.  Our primary core competency lies in our ability to provide corporate level advisory services to our clients on their key issues related to Strategy, Operations, Financing, Corporate Planning, Business/Brand Development, and Market Placement, we do this by  leveraging our expertise and using our analytical capabilities to help them to navigate key decisions that have a major impact on their operations. 


Founded in Chicago in 2002, we advise and support companies in 12 foreign countries and throughout the United States.


As a boutique firm we are able to advise each of our clients based on their specific market position and their unique operational make-up.  We don't seek to provide a homogenous offering as we are well aware of the need for diversity in this complex and sometimes tumultous market.


Whether it's a BioTech firm in need of evaluating its financing alternatives in a pre-trial status or a logistics firm evaluating the need for a technological upgrade in its infrastructure, we seek to solve simple and complex problems in a logical and pragmatic way.  Our clients rely on Macscon to help them meet their toughest challenges, and take advantage of their biggest opportunities and it is our job to reward that faith with measurable results.


While we serve a wide array of clients, most of our clients come from the following types of organizations:


For additional information please contact us at info@macsconfinancial.com